Asheville Touch Therapy

at Clover Cottage

Experienced Asheville Licensed Massage Therapy and Bodywork therapists Anna and David offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Couples Massage, Massage for Pregnancy, TMJ, and Healing Touch. Asheville Touch Therapy's workrooms are in the two unique turret rooms at Historic 1898 Clover Cottage. Anna and David have over twenty-five years experience in relieving the pain from injury and the stress from everyday life. Anna and David's studies also include Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Stretching.


Reflexology is a holistic approach to healing and maintaining health that dates back over five thousand years to ancient Egypt. Reflexology works primarily through the Nervous System, the Endocrine System, and through the Meridians. The theory is that all systems of the body (muscles, bones, organs, and glands) are represented on both the hands and feet and these systems can be affected by "reflexing" or applying pressure to these particular points, to release energy and send signals to the various systems of the body to return them to normal function. Reflexology creates a state of complete relaxation and balancing of energy throughout the entire body. With all systems of the body in a state of balance or "homeostasis",  at that point the body begins to heal itself.

There are many reported benefits to receiving Reflexology...

Induces complete relaxation. The body lets go of stress and creates a strong sense of well-being & vitality.

Increases Energy. This may manifest itself either obviously or subtly.

Improves circulation and relieves pain in the hands and feet, as well as throughout the body, encouraging a healthier immune system.

Improves function of the reproductive system.

Cleanses the body of toxins and assists in overcoming addictions.

Improves elimination.

Can be very helpful for weight loss.

Releases negative emotions as well as reducing emotional stress.

Enhances creativity and redirects energies on a subconcious level.

Creates balance and harmony  ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally.